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Banks and Building Societies are business of Obligatory Compliance in terms of security, they are fully regulated, and the non-compliance of the rules may result in the non-coverage by the insurance companies in case of theft or an economic sanction by the Ministry of the Interior.

Sua Corp your tranquillity. A new generation in high security

SUA CORP carries out tailor made projects that integrate all necessary elements to ensure legal compliance, as well as to reach optimal levels of security to guarantee the protection of our clients.

Grade 3 Turnkey projects

SUA CORP, designs and installs, elements or shielding materials to be determined by each study, arch security windows Level III with sliding exchange tray or rotatory locking window, video surveillance systems, intrusion detection, certified safes.

Applied experience

SUA CORP has a specific technical service for business of Obligatory Compliance, where they provide with assistance in police inspections, advice on electronics and security shielding, immediate technical assistance.