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Your community is our priority, with us you can avoid vandalism, robberies, assaults and crimes. Through state-of-the-art technology, we protect our community owners’ in every way, from the very entrance to parking spaces, roofs and communal areas. Before the installation of any intrusion detection system or alarm, it is important to analyse the risk of the community, that way, we can establish the necessary diagnosis; on the other hand, we also takes into account the viability of an alarm system managed by a great number of users. SUA CORP take care of everything, offering a tailor-made, efficient and effective project.

Control your parking with elegance

Thanks to the strategic location and key selection of each surveillance camera, everything that is happening in your community area will be registered non-stop for 30 days.

Any security system installed by SUA CORP is approved and certified for use in public and private spaces.

Sua Corp for community owners’

We install license’ plate readers, achieving through our own system programming:

– Open and close gate doors only to authorized vehicles, allowing them to enter or exit the parking.

– The system stores a log with time and dates of all the entrances/exits of any vehicle.

– Only authorized vehicles will be allowed to enter the parking area.

– Our system also can turn on lights, air extraction system, or any similar need that the Community may need.

We design your solution

Once we analysed the vulnerabilities of the owners’ Community, we install video surveillance equipment in the accesses, landings and on the rooftops; always depending on the level of risk of each community.

The video surveillance equipment records all the images of the community by up to 30 days, so any incident will be recorded.