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The technology applied in housing is being developed according to the technological advances throughout the world and due to the changes in society towards a more efficient way of living and in line with their daily needs. The automation of our living spaces associates the software technology and the electronics applied in telecommunications, allow us to improve the comfort, the safety, energy savings, communications and any other factors that may influence housing. This type of technology has a great growth world due to its great performance.

The most efficient and revolutionary control at your fingertips

The home automation systems are created to make our life easier and more comfortable, however, we have sometimes experienced how complicated and unprofitable some of these systems can be in our homes and business. SUA CORP installs practical and safe systems, integrating housing security in all of them.

Security and home automation a single goal be practical and safe

By means of a single click all the shutters of the house can be closed or open automatically, additionally, if our security system detects a presence or an intrusion outside of the house, it will automatically close all the blinds.

Exclusivity in our projects, you are unique for us

Can you imagine floodlights emerging from your garden when your security system detects an unauthorised presence in your garden? Do you know that we can create this and much more for you? Can you imagine the security we can design inside and outside your home? The amount of actions that we achieve through home automation are very important values ​​as they delay and shield criminal access to our customers’ homes.