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Concentration of warehouses in industrial estates, in most cases far away from the city centre in large and small cities, added up to the investment that now days the enterprises made to increase their productive processes rise the levels of risk considerably and as a result more and more companies experience robberies or assaults that end up affecting their production partially or totally for weeks.

One have to consider also other kind of risks that up to a few years ago only applied to large multinationals and governments, such as cyber-attacks. Those are attacks directed to online working or sales platforms, but with the wide spread use of new technologies, can happen to any company, big or small.

All these risks must be integrated into a master plan and should be considered together with an overall risk assessment, by identifying and evaluating the risks faced by any given industry. Anticipation, detection and the compilation of contingency plans designed for all our customers are our driven goals as well as to run all possible scenarios.

SUA CORP carries out projects which integrate all elements of electronic security, including the cybersecurity. SUA CORP’s engineering department incorporates the most advanced technology such as artificial intelligence in its video surveillance equipment, facial recognition, human behaviour analysis, conventional and non-conventional access control, etc. continuously adding personalized procedures for our customers with the aim to provide them with the best and more efficient security.

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Video surveillance: offers you a total control over your company, through our high quality security cameras; by using a tablet, computer or a latest generation phone, our customers are able to watch live their CCTVs and review recordings in an easy, practical and intuitive way. It is also a very convenient way ally to confirm alarms from our Alarm Centre.


– Supervision and control of processes.

– Supervision and control of occupational hazards.

– Supervision and control of machinery.

– Deterrent device facing criminal acts.

– a fast and easy way to confirm alarms, reducing the time of action of the ESF.

– An efficient quality control record for claim purposes.

Intrusion detection systems: state-of-the-art technology for the detection of people in spaces protected by Sua Corp. The systems we use are mostly originated / manufactured in Israel; who is number one manufacturing high-quality security systems. All our alarms are connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) that can be easily remotely managed by all our customers as well as our mechanism for Home Automation through our secure and simple management platform.

People Access Control: throughout our security systems, we offer full control on who can be granted access and exit of your premises, reporting schedules and working hours, allowing or restricting access to a specific areas as well as an historical record of entries and exits for specific areas. All those services can be provided through personal electronic reading cards, biometric readers, eye and facial recognition devices.

We highlight:

1. Remote Access Control.

2. Historical for general entries and exits, as well as time spent in critical areas.

3. Integration with relevant departments such as human resources.

4. Systems mostly manufactured with Israeli technology.

5. Design that gives the business a corporate image.