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Your business is our responsibility. Your risk is unique and should be analyse and protect. The excellence in your advice, execution and maintenance are the priority values of our company. Our solid trajectory leads us towards excellence in our solutions. SUA CORP performs certified facilities in Grade 3.

SUA CORP in addition to high-risk facilities, performs technical expert in jewellery claims, which gives us a differentiating opportunity to develop innovate procedures and facilities that will undoubtedly refute the risk of any theft.

Every place where we feel safe is a treasure

Defensive system

The reaction times are important, since the security system detects an intrusion until the police units come to the establishment, it is too long, in just a few minutes the criminals can take away all the jewels, for that reason SUA CORP includes for years defensive security elements that retain or cancel any attempted robbery.

Security System

Our projects integrate the security system, intelligence and all the values ​​so that the client is safe. Our facilities are not only based on compliance with current legislation in Spain, but also on creating an architecture of security systems that shield the client.