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Pharmacies are business of Obligatory Compliance in terms of safety. We develop and execute turnkey projects; we specially select the security systems as well as their locations to achieve the best performance and to give you full control of your business. Our goal is theft anticipation, helping to increase your productivity and eliminate your losses by fulfilling private security laws.

Security + Productivity + Effective Control

Video surveillance

– CCTV installation, Alarm and Access Control.

– Continuous advice on any aspect of electronic security, architecture or cyber security.

– Face-to-face attendance before or during inspections of the ESF.

– Turnkey designs and any other security aspect.

– 24 hours 365 days of technical assistance for breakdowns


– Connexion 24/7 with our Alarm Central Receiver.

– Images’ extraction.

– Search of a specific crime in the recordings.

– Remote viewing of CCTVs.

– Reports for insurance purposes.


Because your image matters to us, we do respect the looks, the elegance and the design of your business without resting effectiveness to your security. Leave your security to us, so you can improve your project.