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From SUA CORP we analyse data that indicates that it has been an alarming rise in the number of assaults on.

A new generation in high security

The first objective for SUA CORP is a full protection of our customers, SUA CORP makes any home impenetrable. We are using outstanding professionals in our engineering and risk analysis department.

Maintain and keep updating our customer´s security levels to prevent what it can happen next.

Our second objective is specially designed for all our VIP customers, who are continuously monitored; we design simulations that are incorporated to the surveillance service with the objective to obtain a real diagnosis of their safety.

Our security analysts work together with installers and technical staff to fully protect our customer´s possessions and properties.

Detect and act before being assaulted

And our third objective is to provide to all our customers with a tailor-made project that integrates detection by artificial intelligence; the purposes of this is to detect suspicious behaviour in the external perimeter of the house to prevent any intrusion before the perpetrator reaches their homes.

We provide our customers with defensive measures, as our objective is to detect and to act.