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Your business is your dream, we want to walk with you and help you. Opening of a restaurant always goes hand by hand together with a great design, a set of ideas that aims to create an ideal environment to host your menus. That should not make you to forget that as any other business, and especially restaurants, they require internal and external controls that ensure the continuity of all those procedures that will generate benefits.

Do, exactly, what you would do if you felt safer


We shield your business

All control in your hands

SUA CORP carries out integrated security projects within the architecture of the restaurant itself, minimizing the visual impact. We analyse and select each of the security elements, with the objective of achieving the highest values ​​of control and protection. The hotel business is a business that needs control, with SUA CORP you will have, for example:

– Control of who enters and leaves your business when it is closed.

– Warning through theft security system.

– Control of unknown loss in general.

– Control of POS terminals for internal fraud.

– Control of internal thefts using garbage to hide food or money.

– Control of venue capacity.

– Control of staff shifts.

– Control of that staff complies with Food safety measures.