We apply state-of-the-art technology for the detection of people in spaces protected by our company, we use systems mostly coming from or manufactured in Israel, number one in the manufacture of high-quality security systems.

All our security systems are integrated in our Alarm Central Receiver that applies special procedures to all our customers.

Our client can remotely manage not only the security system itself but also any home automation mechanism through an exclusive and simple digital platform.


During the last years, we have seen how the robberies in houses have increased in quantity and in brutality, in many occasions the delinquents wait for the family that owns the house to be in the interior to commit the assault, so that through coercion and mistreatment they quickly obtain jewellery, goods and the combination of safe-deposit box.

Words are no longer of use, just the facts, security systems must be proactive, efficient and effective.


We customize your project

Special customers with different risks equals to a unique project

SUA CORP will advise you on the most adequate security system to protect your home or business, thus avoiding problems that may occur due to an inadequate projection of the security system in your property. Each case requires a specific project, we differentiate our customers as we differentiate the risk of their homes or businesses.

SUA CORP 10 years in the market with nil robberies.

High professionalism

SUA CORP will advise you on the security system that best suits your needs and best protect your property, avoiding any of the problems that may occur due to an inadequate installation. We keep in mind that each case carries different needs, this is the main reason why SUA CORP does not work with standard alarm kits but chooses the most appropriate one in each individual case. SUA CORP installs alarms for the risk and delinquency that our society is experiencing nowadays, the systems used also allow to our customers to move with complete freedom inside the premises.